Digital Power Embossing Lab Blender

LED Lab Blender LS400

  • Embossing Pedals
  • Digital Control Display
  • Energy Saving
  • Bright LED Lighting
  • Crushable on Thick & Thin Samples Both
  • Pedal Distance Adjustment

LED Lab Blender LS400

Product Feature

Power on/off Button

Switch on the power to come in.

Safety fuse installed to prevent overcurrent.

Code for connecting electricity supply

Pedal Adjustment Handle

Turn the handle to adjust the distance between
the sample and the pedal.

Comparison of Lab Blender

By adopting embossing pedal, the efficiency to crush
specimen is highly enhanced.

Samples are easily embossed through embossing
pedals in a short period; the above samples can be crushed
into small pieces efficiently.


MODEL LED Lab Blender LS400
Size W280 * D440 * H260
Capacity 400ml
Weight 18Kg
Speed 1-10 Level
Motor Speed 0-3000RPM
Power 220V, 50/60Hz
  • Digital control display for easy reading
  • Bright LED lighting, providing easy vision to check sample
    being homogenized
  • Adjustable motor speed & Time setting
    – continuously and adjustable in seconds, minutes, & hours
  • Overheating prevention system being against malfunction
    in operation
  • Red lighting against improper closing by door sense installed



Time and speed level can be easily identified.

Speed Control Button

Speed level can be adjusted from 1 to 10.

Time Control Button

Time can be precisely adjusted from
a second to an hour.


The red light is on while door is opened and
the green light is on during operation.

Start/Stop Button

Start/Stop Button is used to start
and stop operation.

Patent Registration

  • The first domestic production of Lab Blender in South Korea
  • Lab Blender Patent in South Korea (Patent Number: 20-0446052)


This post is also available in: Thailand