Mini-Incubator BF-16i

Compact Size to Maximize
a Small Space

  • Compact Mini Size
  • Memory Storage Function (up to 4 testings)
  • Handy Temp. Tuning Function
  • Easy Time Setting (mins,hours)
  • Easy Temp. Setting

Product Features

  • Compact size for convenient use in narrow space
  • Controlling temperature by 0.1℃ through digital-type temperature control
  • User’s favorite temperature and time memory function
  • No discrepancy between setting temperature and actual operation temperature thanks to
    a high-quality insulator and panel heating mode
  • Operating the safety protection system in case of being overheated


External Size (WxDxH) 430 x 350 x 325 mm
Internal Size (WxDxH) 375 x 240 x 180 mm
Capacity 16L
Weight 10.6kg
Internal Shelf 2 pcs
Temp. Range Ambient +5℃ to 70℃ (±1℃)
Rating AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 200W



Incubator(general type)

  • Recommendable for preservation, cultivation and germination test
    of micro-organisms that are sensitive to heat and light beam
  • Practical and small size for maximizing space used
  • Convenient temperature & time setting with the digital PID button
    type controller
  • Position-adjustable internal shelf
  • Auto-tuning(self calibration) function
MODEL BF-32i BF-72i BF-150i
Dimension Internal Size (WxDxH) 300×300×350mm 400×400×450mm 500×500×600mm
External Size (WxDxH) 420×410×560mm 520×510×680mm 630×600×830mm
Capacity 32L 72L 150L
Electrical Spec. Heater 150W 250W 400W
Power 220V, 0.7A, 1Ø 220V, 1A, 1Ø 220V, 2A, 1Ø
Internal Shelves 2ea 3ea 3ea
Weight 23.5kg 35kg 40kg
Material Inner Stainless steel(SUS #304)
Outer Steel plate with powder coating
Temp. Range Ambient +5℃ to 60℃
Accuracy ±1℃
Timer Range 99Hr 59Min, 99Min 59Sec, 99Day 23Hr
Safety Device Over Temperature Protector
Controller Digital Temp. Controller & Digital Display / PT 100Ω

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