LCD Touch Panel / Automatic Paddle Distance

LED Lab Blender LS700A

  • Easy/Accurate Digital LCD Touch Panel
  • Automatic Adjustment Paddle Distance
  • Auto Program Included
  • Separable & Adjustable Front Door
  • Maintainable
  • Upgrade Product Size

LED Lab Blender LS700A

Product Feature

 Easy/Accurate Digital LCD Touch Panel

LS700A is an outstanding version of Lab Blender and it use Digital LCD Touch Panel. It can be used more convenient and accurate.

 Automatic Adjustment Paddle Distance

Touch panel type stomacher, LS700A have 30 level of paddle distance. It is more accurate before valve type stomacher.

 Auto Program Included

Depend on sample solidity, can set mode Hard, Medium, Soft. Auto program assists you easy to homogenize samples.

 Upgrade Product Size

LS700A has more capacity than our old product. Conveniently homogenize large quantities of samples with larger sizes.
(400ml → 700ml)

Separable & Adjustable Front Door

LS700A front door can be opened almost 90°. It enhances convenience for sample loading and it is easy to wash with separable front door.

Side Lamp & 4 Color Window LED Lamp

Luxury design with side lamp, 4 color window LED. Lamp helps easy to check operating status.

Automatic Calculate Tunning Time/Alam for Maintenance

LS700A included automatic calculate product running time. Alarm system can be activated when product needs maintenance.


MODEL LED Lab Blender LS700A
Timer 1sec~infinity
Blending Speed 6~9 strokes/sec, 1~10 step
Operating method Digital LCD touch panel
Program Depend on sample solidity (Hard, Medium, Soft)
Auto program is included / Manually adjust program included
Pedal distance adjustment Full auto digital touch (30 level)
Side & Window LED Lamp 4 color lamp alarm
Net Weight 19Kg
Size W284 * D550 * H320mm
Capacity 700ml
Power Dual Volt 110V/220V
Front Door Door with angle control function/ Separable and washable
Motor 24V high performance, low noise motor
LCD Touch Panel 5inch

Manual Download

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